Carmen Tome



Carmen Tome

Carmen Tome was born in Portugal and moved to the Okanagan with her family when she was 8 years old. Graduating from the SOSS in Oliver with Honors, she went on to study painting and drawing at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver and has been in the Greater Vancouver area ever since.

From humble beginnings in 1993, Tome started her photographic adventure and won awards almost immediately which catapulted her to professional status and within a year was winning major awards. Since then, she has been working out of Langley, BC, in Fine Art Images, Photographic Illustration, Artistic Portraiture and Concert and Portrait/Conceptual Photography for the music industry. Her freelance work takes her all over the Vancouver area, the lover mainland and beyond to national and international venues.

Recently she has joined forces with the non-profit organizations Opportunity International and Impact Nations to be able to benefit poverty stricken areas of the world with her work.

Being an artist who likes to experiment she has come up with a diversity of photographic expression. Tome's love of paintings imparts variations in techniques than can achieve renaissance, gothic and impressionist ambiences in her Fine Art photography and portraiture/conceptual images. Contrasting this is her work in photographing concerts, live birth and her travels.

Recently she has started painting again, something she had put aside to focus solely on photography. Now, besides photography, she is enjoying delving into acrylics, oils, pencils, mixed media, and mixed media photography. Something new emerges.

Carmen Tome has been named 'Photographer of the Year' three times provincially (PPABC). As well, she has received multiple Best in Class Awards in 'Fine Art', 'Photographic Illustration', 'Pictorial', 'Unclassified', 'Industrial', 'Portrait of a Group', 'Portrait of a Man', 'Portrait of an Animal', 'Wedding Portrait', 'Restoration', 'Enhancement'. She has also received nine Kodak Gallery Awards, Three Fuji Masterpiece Awards, a Nikon Award and many Honorable Mentions. These, along with other art awards garnered throughout the years, total more than forty.