John Ferreira


Owning a winery had always been a life long dream of John’s and when the opportunity for he and his wife Maria came in 2007 there was no hesitation. Moving to Canada in the early 1960’s with his family had John being raised in Oliver and growing up on a fruit orchard. Having spent over 20 years owning a fruit orchard came the time for John to replant old fruit trees or take the opportunity and plant grapes, a decision he says was one of his smartest. John is the humour of the winery and wineshop, the comedian in him shines when he spends time with our guests sharing stories and creating memories for Quinta Ferreira visitors, John wants everyone to leave the winery having enjoyed themselves and with a new story each time they come back to the wineshop.

Maria Ferreira


Along with husband John owning a winery was always a dream that Maria hoped would be one day a reality. Maria also moved to the Okanagan as a young child with her family in the 1960’s. Working on an orchard was also part of growing up in Maria’s family. Maria loves the wine industry and is passionate about seeing the talents of her family shine through in this family business. She can be find in the tasting room when she is on-site (she is also branch manager of Interior Savings in Oliver) and coordinates the Quinta Ferreira wine club, online sales and event execution for all on-site events. She enjoys welcoming guests to the winery and hearing the story of each guest and loves that her winery gets to be part of the experience of the wine culture of the Okanagan for each person that visits.

Christina Ferreira

Marketing & Communications

Take 13 years of event planning, marketing and promotions in the BC Wine Tourism Industry and a marketing degree behind her and we’ve got Christina’s knowledge for where to take Quinta Ferreira. Fuelled by her passion for BC Wine, BC Food and Tourism makes marketing the Quinta Ferreira brand and introducing new events to the winery feel like a hobby.

Christina is also the principal of Impact Events; a full service marketing, public relations and conference and event management company based in the Okanagan. With a diverse and impressive client list, Christina has managed and organized corporate and community events in the wine tourism industry throughout the Okanagan Valley. She has worked with leaders in business and industry as well as private, small business, and non-profit groups. For fun Christina is an avid roller derby player and spends as much time with her dog Grace as possible.

Nicole Ferreira

Sales & Marketing (Lower Mainland)

Nicole has spent her days for the last 12 years as an accountant in many different business sectors. With the analytical side of her brain covered, she always looks for opportunities to put her creativity to use. When provided with an opportunity to be part of a family venture that is fun and different, the decision was easy. Nicole’s passion for wine has her representing the Quinta Ferreira brand the last few years, and she’s always excited to meet new people and let them get a taste of passion of her family. When Nicole is not either crunching numbers or selling wine, she can be found reading or writing, watching hockey, traveling, or finding new or favourite outdoor adventures to embark on.

Michael Ferreira


Fifteen years ago Michael was introduced to the most important side of owning a winery… being a cellar hand and learning first hand what happens from the time the grapes are harvested to the time the bottle is released for sale. Having worked under some of the Okanagan’s most esteemed wine makers Michael learned through hard work in the cellar just what is needed to create the liquid in the bottle that we all admire. During the time that Michael was a working in a winery and seeing his passion was when John and Maria took the plunge to owning their own winery where Michael continues to put his desire to create wines that everyone will enjoy into each vintage.

Carmen Tome

Award Winning Artist, QF Resident Artist & Wineshop Sales

“Creating beauty everywhere I go is what I am made for” comments Carmen. Alongside freelance photography, her passion to paint again arose in recent years and became more of a focus as time went on. Moving to Oliver in the Spring of 2011 marked a time of returning to her roots and sealed the transition into painting. Being an artist who has been described as a mad scientist, Carmen enjoys expressing with a diversity of many mediums as something new emerges in the flow. Going with the stream of conciousness she creates paintings using mixed media in any variation of acrylics, oils, coloured pencils, graphite pencils, inks, pastels and watercolors along with marble dust, gold and silver foils, papier mache, plasters, portland cement, epoxies, metals, earth colors, stones, and anything else that captivates her. Carmen is also the smiling face in our tasting room that welcomes you into Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery all year long.

Duke, Rex, and Daisy

Winery Greeters

Duke and Rex are usually found laying around outside near the wineshop. Duke is an Akita, and Rex, his son, is an Akita Husky cross. They may be a little intimidating at first as they are big dogs, but they are big babies. All they are after is to say hi and maybe get a little scratch on the back, on the ear or a belly rub.

Daisy is the fierce one of the bunch, she is mainly an indoor dog, but every once in a while she gets to come out to the wineshop. She is a very shy dog, but if she trusts you to pick her up, she’ll nuzzle right into you.